Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 overall deserves a 8.5. The game was jam packed with suspense. Throughout the entire plot they kept me on my toes, and left me wondering whether a mutant was behind me or in the vent down the hall. Yet I still walked with confidence further into the game when I came across a wide variety of weapons that have numerous upgrades available. Another thing that kept me well protected from any ambush was array of suits available as I continued through the game. It never got boring though because items were sparse so it kept me on  the edge of my seat wondering if I had enough ammo, stasis, and health packs to get through the story. The storyline itself was relatively short, but it was captivating and full of twists and turns. The game also gave me the option to go through the plot with all of my upgrades and weapons on a different difficulty so it allowed me to finish upgrading everything.The game does not end there though, it also has an online portion. Like any online shooter it has unlockable weapons and upgrades for them. The main characteristic that sets it apart from other online games is the fact that it allows you to play as the people with an objective and guns, and the next turn you play against the humans as one of four mutants. The mutants all have their own style of attacks including long range projectiles and swift melee attacks. The only problem with online is their is no variety in online other than the change in maps and the ability gain new guns and upgrades by leveling.

  1. Suspenseful
  2. Good plot
  3. Variety of suits and weapons 
  4. Ability to upgrade weapons
  5. Limited ammo and supplies to keep things interesting
  6. Four difficulty levels available
  7. Ability to run through plot with items from the last run through
  8. Ability to play as mutants and against mutants online
  1. The game was relatively short (took me around 15 hours to get through story mode)
  2. Online gets kind repetitive

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