Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coming soon.

This is just an update actually. I have just recently started playing Borderlands again because it will most likely have the most votes once the poll has ended. Unfortunately I have forgotten a decent amount about the game so I will not post the review until I have completed the game. It will most likely be a week or so before I have finished it.
Now here is a list of games I hope to play in the near future:
1. Killzone 3 - I played the second one (it was pretty good), and from what I have seen the next one will have better graphics and similar gameplay.
2. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - still debating whether or not to buy it. It has a new graphics style, many new characters, a few tweeks in gameplay.
3. Crisis 2 - It appears to be a shooter with a few cool customization tweeks.
4. Brink - lots of customization, free running movement style, and shooter

There are a few others I am looking forward to, but there release dates are kinda far off or they are TBA.

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